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Monica L. Halem, MD | NYC Board Certified Dermatologist

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Mole Removal

Dr. Monica Halem is a Board Certified Dermatologist specializing in aesthetic cosmetic surgery. Among many cosmetic procedures she offers in her upscale New York City, Manhattan office, her technique in Mole Removal is painless and can be quickly in her office with no downtime.

Mole Removal is a common procedure to remove harmless lesions from the body, especially the face, without leaving noticeable scarring. Dr. Halem will exam the lesion to determine if it is benign before the procedure. There are many ways various types of lesions are removed. Dr. Halem will discuss which technique will be used to minimize scarring and how she will avoid damage to the normal surrounding tissue.

Dr. Halem is well trained in distinguishing between benign and suspicious lesions. If she feels the lesion could be cancerous or troublesome, she will either biopsy or excise the lesion and send it for pathological analysis. Moles are removed simply. The area around the mole is anesthetized with a local anesthetic. Once numb the lesion is removed and in some cases sutured. There is minimum to no bleeding. A small dressing may be applied to protect the wound.

The final result might take up to six months to see as the skin goes through the healing process. On rare occasions lesions can regrow due to their original depth in the skin. If this happens, Dr. Halem can re-treat the area.