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Silicone – Microdroplet Technique in New York

Many men and women are looking for a more permanent solution than fillers to correct there wrinkles, facial contours or even scars caused by acne or trauma. Although there are many Injectable fillers available on the market today, these fillers only offer a temporary solution for the correction on these issues. At Monica Halem, MD, we offer our patients medical grade microdroplet silicone injections at our New York office for a more permanent solution.

Patients from Manhattan and other parts of New York City as well as New Jersey, Westchester County and Connecticut, have trusted Dr. Monica Halem, an expert injector, with silicone microdroplet injections. We welcome you to contact our office and to speak with our experienced staff to help you set up a private consultation to see if this treatment is best for you.

Medical grade silicone has been FDA approved for cosmetic use since 1978 for facial deformities. This permanent solution has be successful in rebuilding tissue and has aided in stimulating the body’s own collagen production. There are many benefits of using the Microdroplet technique for the correction of wrinkles and facial contours as well as scars caused by acne or trauma.

How does the Microdroplet Technique work?

Many small drops of silicone are deposited into the site needing correction. Subsequently, your skin naturally begins to build collagen around the droplets. Multiple treatments may be required at monthly intervals to insure maximum correction is achieved.

Where can Microdroplet Silicone be injected?

  • Marionette lines and smile lines (nasolabial folds)
  • Hollows under the eyes and other areas of the face
  • Chin and cheeks
  • Scars due to acne and chicken pox
  • Grooves on the hands
  • Augmenting lips
  • Hollowing in and around the temples
  • Lipoatrophy (facial fat loss) due to facial deformities post surgery

How long does the treatment take?

It can take approximately 15 to 30 minutes depending on the extent of correction needed.

Are the injections painful?

Because we use micro needles the silicone injections are often painless when comparing to other fillers. You may resume your normal daily activity, without restrictions, immediately.

How will I look after treatment?

Slight swelling may be visible after your treatment, but usually subsides within a few days. Occasionally, you might experience minor bruising, which can be easily covered with make-up.

Are micro-injections of Silicone legal?

Yes. The FDA has approved the use of silicone since 1978.